Accelerate prospect conversations and pipeline building.

Outreach.io Consulting

Explore tailored services and programs aimed at maximizing the effectiveness of Outreach, driving heightened sales demand and velocity. Harper James Capital encompasses all aspects of the Outreach.io platform, offering seamless deployment, thorough training, and continuous platform management.

Let’s work together

Outreach.io Consulting

Our Outreach.io-specific training methods and efficient system administration strategies significantly accelerate the path to value, enabling teams to quickly and effectively achieve their objectives.

Launch Outreach

Whether you’re launching Outreach for the first time or transitioning from a competitor, we’ll expedite your learning curve and unleash the platform’s complete capabilities.

Platform Management

Whether it’s short-term maintenance or ongoing professionally managed services, we offer expert support and turnkey management to ensure you remain optimized.

Team Training

Engage in live or digital training sessions tailored for admins, managers, and end users. Benefit from customized training programs designed to master the platform.


Leverage non-Outreach data integration and automated policy enforcement to enhance the performance of your Outreach platform.


Real-life strategy & technical know-how

Accelerating revenue and productivity growth alongside sales and marketing teams is a challenging endeavor. However, with Harper James as your technical consulting partner, your Outreach.io platform will propel your leads, sales, and insights to unprecedented heights. Driving efficiency and growth is our expertise.

When you collaborate with us, expect to:

  • 1

    Kick off your journey 5x faster with all inclusive services, encompassing platform configuration, content strategy, and team training.

  • 2

    Receive a customized and professional launch experience specifically aligned with your top-line business objectives.

  • 3

    Embark on a comprehensive 4-hour assessment and investigative discovery across all Outreach settings, features, and objects, including Tasks and Prospects.

  • 4

    Receive a detailed Assessment Report with personalized recommendations from our experts.

  • 5

    Let our dedicated experts seamlessly manage your Outreach deployment, ensuring smooth operations while you focus on meeting quotas.

  • 6

    Let our experts guide you in crafting personalized content that resonates with your audience’s evolving needs, ensuring every interaction is impactful.

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