Organization design capabilities

Bring clear role definition and process, drawing out the best out from your team with more accountability and buy-in, while removing wasted efforts.




The business environment today is rapidly evolving making revenue growth a moving target that can’t be contained in a box or defined by lines in the sand.

To succeed you need to transform your business into a revenue first organization, doing so requires a blueprint that’s built on your organization’s current standings and plans for the future and that comes down to operating model.

Revenue organizational structure and design affects your top and bottom line and should evolve and change as your business grows.

How we work together

We kick off our engagements with an analysis of your current sales team, revenue organization and we take a close look at process, GTM plan, sales territories and goals. We will then work together to design a revenue team that supports your goals through building, redefining, or expanding your team.

Our experts work to ensure your team is set up for success in terms of sales process and playbooks, territory alignment, compensation & rewards, KPIs and dashboards, etc. We also focus heavily on implementing processes and procedures that allow your future revenue focused employees to onboard and ramp faster in their roles.

  • Team Design, Optimization & KPIs

    We start with a full-scale analysis of existing team and structure to understand what’s in place today. From there, we clearly define roles, processes, and KPIs with a focus on increased productivity and direct revenue impact.

  • Sales Territory Planning & Mapping

    Territory planning and mapping is essential to a focused and targeted approach that results in measured growth. We’ll work together to segment and align your team on the right accounts and geo-areas to achieve reachable goals.

  • Compensation & Rewards Planning

    The foundation, motivator and ultimate driver of revenue success is compensation. We’ll work with you to design effective compensation plans that encourage high performance and motivate reps to onboard customers that value your product or service the most.

  • Onboarding Plan Development

    Onboarding new sales team members can be time consuming and therefore costly. We’ll work with you to create a complete onboarding process that’s fast, efficient, and repeatable, decreasing ramp time and increasing time to profitability.

Delaying sales structure and planning improvements is costing you substantial revenue.

Let’s partner to design a sales team that supports your revenue goals through building, redefining, or expanding your team.

Our capabilities

Other capabilities we offer

Fractional Leadership

We are uniquely positioned as experts in fractional sales leadership for every stage of growth and go-to-market.

GTM Strategy

We dive deep into your organization to evaluate current strategies and work with you hand-in-hand to refresh your approach.

Revenue Operations

We provide revenue operations support & strategy day-to-day, as an extension of your team and organization.