Mastering Revenue Growth

BY Harper James Capital

Mastering revenue growth is an educational series that covers the most popular revenue operations and sales leadership topics and discussion points.

Mastering Revenue Growth

The Deal Desk: Why You Need One

In this video, we’ll explore the “Deal Desk.” Deal Desks serve as the core of your revenue operations, acting as central hubs that connect various cross-functional teams dedicated to supporting sales and your customers.


CRM: Foundation For The Sales Team

The back bone of any successful sales organization is the CRM. CRMs play a crucial role by providing a centralized platform for managing and tracking customer interactions, deal progress, and relevant information.


Customer Billing A/R Strategies

When your customers are unresponsive to payment reminders or invoices, you have to take proactive steps to address the issue and ensure timely payment. This video explores strategies for getting customers to pay on time.

Everything starts with engagement

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What is Signal-Based Selling?

In this video we explore Signal-Based Selling, also referred to as trigger-driven sales, which centers on recognizing and reacting to particular signals or triggers that signify a prospect’s readiness to make a purchase.