Accelerate deal closure and pipeline visibility.

HubSpot Consulting

HubSpot remains largely untapped, leaving its full potential unrealized. This leads to incomplete data and processes, hindering effective decision-making. If you’re confronted with significant challenges, such as inheriting disorganized systems with no clear ownership and frustration stemming from inaccurate reports due to unreliable data. We might just be the solution you’ve been desperately searching for.

Let’s work together

HubSpot Consulting

Access expert assistance for HubSpot, including onboarding, audits, implementation, migrations, MarOps, SalesOps, RevOps, and beyond.

HubSpot Audit

Rediscover trust in your HubSpot data and infrastructure, enabling seamless management of contacts, deals, and marketing assets at any scale.

HubSpot Migrations

Efficiently transition your data and integrations from your current CRM to HubSpot, ensuring no loss of functionality.


Effectively outline, prepare, implement, deploy, and refine your new CRM installation across all five hubs with leadership and execution expertise from Harper James Capital.

Education & Training

Receive expert assistance in training your team on best practices for all Hub modules, as well as customized implementations tailored to your specific needs.

Marketing Operations

We collaborate closely with leadership to automate and enhance marketing processes, fostering growth and engagement even when you’re away from the office.

Sales Enablement

Empower your sales team with productivity tools to discover top leads, schedule more meetings, facilitate cross-selling, and ultimately secure more deals.

Revenue Operations

Harmonize sales, marketing, and customer success teams throughout the entire customer lifecycle to boost revenue and foster accountability for revenue generation.

CMS Design & Development

Collaborate with senior developers to craft a high-performance theme that embodies your brand and empowers marketing teams to generate content effortlessly.

Custom Integrations & Applications

Establish seamless bi-directional integration with your vital business applications and platforms, guaranteeing that HubSpot serves as the definitive source for contact management.

Custom Scoped Projects

Tailored scope and timeline designed to fit any combination of projects mentioned above, including reporting and dashboards, data management, landing page/email management, automation, commerce, and beyond.


Finally solve the HubSpot puzzle

Whether it’s comprehending and documenting processes or effectively measuring and analyzing performance, we mend your HubSpot challenges. Whether you’ve encountered turnover with limited documentation, struggle with sales-marketing alignment, or face anxiety over data quality and performance metrics, we’re here to help. We take the time to grasp the intricacies of your business, its unique aspects, and its current HubSpot maturity level. Witness tangible improvements in a matter of weeks, not months. That’s how we heal your HubSpot woes.

When you collaborate with us, expect to:

  • 1

    Enhance the relationship between sales and marketing

  • 2

    Accelerate marketing outcomes by providing clear direction and key performance indicators

  • 3

    Super-charge sales efforts by vetting and qualifying the best leads

  • 4

    Achieve accountability with insight into both marketing and sales funnels

  • 5

    Successfully integrate your existing platforms with HubSpot

  • 6

    Integrate HubSpot with your data warehouse

  • 7

    Solve technical challenges with workflow automations

  • 8

    Get full traffic source attribution

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